Let's Sit a While.

Hi there, I'm Brandi Jordan, founder and visionaire of Amazing Leathers, and I apologize that you don't really hear from me all that much. I'm never quite sure what to say and believe me I've tried. I've written and rewritten blog posts, read blogs from professional bloggers about the do's and don'ts of blogging and then just decided that maybe it was best for me not to say anything at all; I'm starting to believe however that maybe that wasn't the best approach. That being said, I'd like to start talking to y'all, I'd liked to tell you my story, hear yours, and most importantly to explore our collective story. So here it goes . . . .

As stated before , my name is Brandi. I am 25 years old and I am writing to you from my cozy tile filled apartment in a tiny town of southern Morocco, called Agdz. That may sound weird to you, but this is my normal. If I was writing this post 10 years ago it would be coming to you from Cambodia, 8 years ago from India, 6 years ago from Haiti, 4 years ago from Uganda or one of the other hundreds of little places I've come to know as "home". If you have or are currently crafting a glamorous image of me jet-setting around the world looking fly and saving little brown babies, please stop, that is not who I am. 

I am just a 25 year old girl who was born and raised in Louisville, KY and is trying to be the best daughter, grand daughter, friend, entrepreneur and world citizen that I can be (from wherever I am), and believe me, I fail at all of those things on a daily basis. I have missed births, birthdays, important celebrations, engagements, weddings, quiet family moments, and etc. (although I get to attend most of those things now via facetime, thank the Lord). When I first started roaming around 12 years ago everyone was very supportive. I think they thought it was cute, and I'm sure it was; I think they also thought it was a phase, but the conversation has changed a lot now that people are starting to realize that it may be a phase I'm never going to grow out of. 

Friends and near strangers alike used to ask me a barrage of questions like: where are you off to next, what's the food like,  is there good shopping, what was your favorite part of . . . , etc? And I would reply heartily with my light-hearted plans, experiences, and dreams. Really the early days were a beautiful blur of challenging adventure and possibility and in those days I was all too willing to talk about it with people. Later, as I traveled more and began truly learning about the places I was traveling to, their people, customs and history, I became more outspoken on topics that resonated with me. I spoke loudly and widely about sex trafficking, water issues, war and everything else, trying desperately to get the people around me to care as much about these things as I did. I was fire and ice and I wanted everyone to become an activist. The questions in those days were more technical and pointed and I researched everything so I would be equipped with some answers, some insight. The questions were challenging and complex,  but they had, for the most part, solid answers or potential solutions.

Nowadays, the people my age from home are starting to get married, sign contracts for 'real people' jobs, and even build families of their own and what a beautiful thing that is! I on the other hand, own 8 storage bins of personal affects (most of which are books and live in my grandparents' basement),  am the owner of an against all odds start-up, and daily I try to survive the news and sort out what in the world most ensnares my heart. So of course both the external and internal line of questioning has once again changed. And I think I have arrived at the most important question you and I will ever have to answer, which is, "Why do you do what you do?"

And this is where I would like to start and sit with y'all and myself for a while. What were we doing with our lives? And why do we do what we do?